Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Package Awards and Last Call for Mail

ATTN: Family, Friends, and Other (stalkers)

This is a Last Call announcement for sending any packages.  Those of you who have sent packages, thank you so much!  They are much appreciated and have made my experience in Uganda so much better, knowing people back home are thinking of me.  Now, for those of you who have not sent a package...you know who you are!  This is your last chance to redeem yourself (only kidding*).

Because a package takes around 2-4 months to reach me, and my service is up in 3, I think that it's time to suspend any and all material forms of affection in the form of delicious packages full of goodies.  If you have a package already packed to the brim with granola bars just sitting on your kitchen counter waiting to be mailed, then by all means, go ahead and send it, mom.

Thanks again for all the packages, everyone!  I am now going to announce the winner of the "Best Package" contest that I just thought to invent, as well as the "Top 3 Best Items" contest...also just invented.  The prize is nothing, so get psyched.

Best Package: Caroline and Luke Jurgensen.  Granola bars out the wazoo, instant oatmeal, as well as an obscene amount of Starbucks instant coffee...topped off with a shirt from Polo on the Prairie.  The shirt is already super faded from wearing it tons + hand washing, the granola bars were gone within 24 hrs of their arrival, the box of oatmeal lasted almost a week, and the coffee has revolutionized my mornings.  The addition of caffeine to my diet has made me have super hero type alertness and I shake for no reason.  It's awesome!

Top 3 Best Items:
1. Pitty Pat - Copious amounts of GardettosI never realized how much I loved Gardettos, until I went without!  There were so many days where I would substitute a meal for a few little bags of Gardettos.  They acted as entire meals, mid day snacks, dessert, and (on occasion) breakfast.  I would hide them in a box when I had other volunteers over, because they would have seen them and gone straight at 'em.  Thanks, mom!

2. Di-La-La - Donna Karen Deodorant.  For real?  Designer deodorant that is awesome and costs $12.00 (you totally left the price tag on...MJ style)...yes please!  It has been my "special occasion" deodorant...and yes, that's a thing.  Also, those shirts you sent are awesome!  I absolutely love them and have worn them more than any others.

3. Michelle Pannell - Nutella on the Go.  I did not share...I did not take breaths while I ate it...and I did not space them out.  I ate them all at the same time.  Sooo good!  And I did, I confess, lick the container.  Crazy Love was one of the best books I've read while here, so thanks for sending that, too!

Honorable Mention: Will Holt, with the Almond and Chocolate Covered Cherry Trail Mix.  You're going to have to tell me where you get that so I can hoard it when I get home.

Congrats to the winners!

And one more THANK YOU for all of the packages.

* Or am I?


  1. you didnt mention anything amy sent you. my wages paid the shipping. dont talk to me when you come back.

  2. Ditto what "Anonymous" (Daragh) said.