Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Update

I went to America for Christmas. (cue Team America theme song)

Ryan and I arrived in Dallas to be greeted by Caroline and Luke, my parents, and Everett. It was magical to see Caroline finally! The longest we’ve been apart so far. Never again, Line…never again!!

We had a 24 hr layover in Dallas before heading to South Carolina to visit Ryan’s fam. During this 24 hour layover, I bought new American clothes that fit my new African parasitic body, went out for delicious sushi, and took a shower with hot water! It was magical. Sushi was something I didn’t realize I would crave in Africa, but I totally did. 2 sushi rolls and a saki bomb made for a wonderful first meal.

South Carolina was great. I was able to meet Ryan’s family and friends as well as see where he grew up, his favorite places to eat, and his family church. Christmas with the Luckie’s was so relaxing. Quiet, low key, nice sit down dinner, and civilized…very different from my family Christmas. We are not quiet, low key, or extremely civilized.

Christmas in Texas was wonderful. I got to see family I haven’t seen in a year and a half, more specifically, my sister Laura…who surprised me when I got home, when we went to one of my favorite restaurants, the Bee Hive, on all you can eat shrimp night. The nieces and nephews have grown so much since I saw them last! It was fun to hang out with them and to get reacquainted with the younger ones. After Christmas, we spent a day at the ranch…my favorite place on earth. Being out there was what really made me feel like I was home. Playing Horseshoes, trivial pursuit, and 42 (domino game) with the fam made me so very happy.

It was sad to leave, but knowing all the wonderful things I have to come back to makes it all worth it.

Now since the two Christmas’s I had are so different from each other, I will include a picture comparison so that my 39 dedicated followers can see what I’m talking about.

Ryan and I in SC

Ryan and I in Texas

Luckie Family Picture

Everett Family Picture

See what I mean?

To sum up...Christmas was a blast. America is a wonderful place. I feel so blessed that I was born and raised in a land of opportunity and hot water.


  1. you have made my day. Love you!!!! Mom

  2. I look manly and outdoor-capable in that picture. Which i am.

  3. Love the pictures!!!! And I LOVE your family :)

  4. I am sooooo proud of "my FAVORITE daughter" and what she has become. Stay the course, stay in the Word, remain committed to your values and please stay safe. You are very much loved for who you are. DAD

  5. Pictures are great!! Glad you had a fabulous time back in the States!

  6. I miss you so much friend! Love the pictures...glad to see you so happy :) Love ya!

  7. Thanks for your update! Please make it a bit more frequent than tri-yearly. I love that Mom and Dad posted as Anonymous.

    I miss you!


  8. Caroline JurgensenFebruary 1, 2012 at 6:55 PM

    NEVER again! Love the ranch pic, could you photoshop me in? Put me in your lap.